Hello, nice to have you here! I am Mario Tilde Touched (they/them), my fields of work are the intersections of Performative Art, Social Sculpture, GenderBending, Bodywork, Spirituality, Transformative Learning, and Intersubjective We-Spaces. This results in interventions in public spaces, installations, objects, immersive/interactive performances, live art encounters, dialogic art projects, as well as commercial products, workshops & services. In my performative artistic work I often deal with identity constructs and their socially conditioned visual attributions, as well as with the question of how connection and intimacy come about.

I facilitated workshops and evening events on mindful/consensual encounters & tantric touch in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Indonesia, and did event moderation at Visionautik Academy Berlin.

Performances, screenings & exhibition participations in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Denmark, England, Iceland, Indonesia and Australia.


Visual Arts / Transmedia Space
(Mag.art. – University of Art and Industrial Design Linz & Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Portugal)

Communication Science / Interpersonal Communication
(Bakk.Comm. – University of Salzburg & Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan/USA)

Further Education & Trainings

Pioneers of Change, Plenum Agentur (Vienna, 2012-2013); development and implementation of projects, organizations and start-ups for social change.

The Path of Touch, Petr Malek/Magdalena Sloncova (Zdeborice / CZ, 2013-2015); seminar leadership training: Systemic Constellations, Shamanic Rituals, Tantra Massage.

Gate 2 Social Art, NaviGate (Cesky Krumlov / CZ, 2014); training program & symposium on performative artistic approaches for individual, social and global development.

Sculpting Atmospheres, Thomas Steininger/Elizabeth Debold (Frankfurt, 2017/18); 6-month training/Higher We-Space facilitation: Speaking from a shared, non-separated state of consciousness.

Sensual Arts Facilitator Training, Sensual Arts School (Bali, 2022); 200h training / Neo-Tantra & Conscious Kink

Selection of important workshop & seminar participations

Potential Shamanic Action, Keith Hennessy (ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna, 2013); experimental discovering of the relations between improvised contemporary dance, performance, queer theory and shamanism

Live Art Workshop, Odyssey Works/USA (Linz, 2016); Odyssey Works develops detailed, multi-day immersive performance experiences for individuals in a month-long process – implemented by a large interdisciplinary team.

We-Dreaming & Awakening Interbeing, Andrew Venezia (Gent, 2016/17/18, group and one-to-one sessions); a practice of individual & relational awakening and service to what’s emerging on the planet today in real, practical action

Authentic Eros For & Beyond All Genders, Ruby May (Berlin, 2017); exploring embodied transformation in eros, intimacy, relationships & life.

Emergent Dialogue / Higher We-Space (weekly practice groups, 2017-2021).

In mathematics, the tilde stands for proportionality: Proportional quantities are proportional, that is, for proportional quantities, the doubling (tripling, halving, …) of one quantity is always associated with a doubling (tripling, halving, …) of the other quantity.

The ones complement is an arithmetic operation used in the binary number system. All digits or bits of a binary number are inverted, i.e. 0 becomes 1 and vice versa. As a result, each digit of the binary number and its corresponding digit of the ones complement “add up to 1”, which gives the operation its name. This operation is also called bitwise negation (or bitwise NOT), and is represented as a tilde in many programming languages. Example: bitwise NOT 0111 = 1000 (~0111 = 1000)

In geometry, two figures are similar to each other exactly when they can be transformed into each other by a similarity mapping (e.g. a reflection). The tilde is used as a mathematical sign for geometric similarity.

In logic, the tilde is one of the possible notations for the negation of a statement a: Negation (from Latin: negare = to negate) is rejection, negation or abrogation; for example, statements can be negated, moral values can be rejected, for example, conventions can be abrogated.

In electrical engineering, the tilde is the index for alternating voltage, U~ (as opposed to direct voltage, U_ ). Alternating voltage is an electrical voltage whose polarity changes in regular repetition, but whose time average value is zero according to standardization. DC voltage does not change polarity. AC/DC (alternating current / direct current) is the designation for electrical devices that can be operated with AC voltage as well as with DC voltage, since they only require a flow of electrons at all and the direction is immaterial for them.

And if that was still not enough to read – here is a nice article about my work, published in Evolve Magazine #27

wo kämen wir hin / wenn alle sagten / wo kämen wir hin / und niemand ginge / um zu sehen /
wohin wir kämen / wenn wir gingen (Kurt Marti)