my roles: Co-conception Dialogic Art, host_in; crafting of the rope & installation in the World Museum.



Vienna / online (2020)

As part of the multidisciplinary art project Jump!Star Simmering by New York artist George Ferrandi, the Double Infinity Rope Race took place over 21 days. During the uncertain time of the first Covid-19 lockdown, Teresa Distelberger and I invited people to join us in braiding individual strands for a 99-meter rope from April 13 to May 3, 2020. (On Tuesdays and Thursdays, George Ferrandi himself took on the role of hostess). A group of changing international participants met daily from 17:00-18:00 CET to work together manually via video conference. Through precise dialogue impulses woven into the course of events, a trusting space was created in which inspiring, comforting, very personal and community-strengthening conversations among previously complete strangers became possible.

Overall artistic concept: George Ferrandi (USA)

Jump!Star Simmering(Teaser)
Video: Teresa Distelberger
Drawings: George Ferrandi

Documentation (approx. 25min total, rope skein from min 5:37)
Video: Fountain passage, Teresa Distelberger
Drawings: George Ferrandi

Invitation text for the DOUBLE INFINITY ROPE CROWN:

Are you up for collaborative (and crafty) creative design – combined with social/feeling conversations, inner exercises, and perspective-shifting walks?

Together we create a long strong rope of textile strips that connects our accumulated experiences, our presence in the here and now, and our dreams & visions. We then weave your ropes, and with them everything that was alive for you in the weaving, into a symbol of collective past, present and future. A symbol of diversity and strong connectedness that we can hold on to in times like these.

In our virtual studio, we will guide you to cut discarded clothing, fabric scraps or home textiles (curtains, bedding, etc..) into strips and weave them into a skein. During this simple manual work we talk about what moves us and what gives us strength at the moment. We work the inner levels into the material level – this also means that every afternoon will be a little different: Different people, different topics, short inputs and exercises from us, etc… And: So that the coziness does not come too short, you can of course sip coffee and eat a piece of cake with us at any time. You can join in as often as you like – we’re open for three weeks!

FINALE – 99 meters of double infinity
At the end of the 21 days we ask you to send us the created rope parts by mail – and as soon as the physical coming together will be possible again, we invite you to link all your parts into a strong rope in a collaborative process. Can we make 99 meters? We are counting on you!
At the final celebration with all participants and the entire JUMP!STAR team, we then use this rope to form the JUMP!STAR symbol – the double infinity loop – on the ground, and with a ritual enter the 3 symbolically marked spaces of the common past/present/future created in this way.

Exhibition views of the project documentation
Weltmuseum Wien, December 2020

Object presentation “Double Infinity Rope


in the context of the workshop “Spaces of Transformation” –
ocurred by Brunnenpassage Vienna (Documenta Fifteen, Kassel 2022)

How can politically active artists and socially engaged cultural institutions initiate and advance diversity-oriented transformation in our plural societies? This question is the focus of Spaces of Transformation, an event organized by lumbung member, Instituto de Artivismo Hannah Arendt (INSTAR) and Brunnenpassage Vienna.