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my roles: Co-creator of the format, performer, department head for encounter & touch, parts of the immersive set design, department head for performative train rides. ECSTATIC CARNIVAL 2015/2016/2018/2021 - Interactive 12-hour format of seminar-performance & party elements, conducted at changing venues. To actually become someone else, it might be quite

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my roles: Performer, workshop leader, parts of the immersive stage design for #4. SISTERS ACADEMY Academy #4, Reykjavik (ISL) (2016) Academy #6, Copenhagen (DK) (2017) Poetic and sensual knowledge production Sisters Academy is an immersive interactive performance at the intersection of performance art, research, activism, and pedagogy. A school

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my roles: Co-moderation and coordination the Table Talks; kartistic advice for the Installations Silent witnesses and Table Talks MULTI-LAYERED STORY(S) Festival of the Regions, 2021 Bad Ischl / Salzkammergut What stories move us? And how do we pick them up to tell them? Teresa Distelberger and her multidisciplinary Team from artists,

MULTI-LAYERED STORY(S)2023-01-27T08:43:16+01:00


my roles: Co-creation of the overall format, performer, audience interaction, immersive stage design. VOLXFEST Folk dance ball and traditional costume festival Festival of the Regions (AUT), (2019) Place: Gasthof Jägerwirt, 4332 Au/Donau Close to home and open to the world, tradition and update, down-to-earth and experimental - apparent



my role: performer Video documentation Melbourne (AUS) Concept & overall direction: The factory owners (in Linz & Vienna) Mezzanine Spectacles (in Marseille & Tours) Triage Live Art Collective (in Melbourne) HOTEL OBSCURA Linz, Vienna, Marseille, Tours & Melbourne (2015-2016) Casual acquaintances or very intimate encounters.

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